Weather in Bruges

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Bruges is located on the northern coast of Belgium and known for its medieval architecture and rich culture. The weather doesn’t get overly hot, which makes Bruges a great place to visit if you prefer comfortable temperatures and a cooler climate.

Winter is very cold with temperatures plummeting to 1°C at night. You won’t get to enjoy much sunshine at this time of year, but it’s very quiet in the city which is perfect if you prefer a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

The best time to visit Bruges for milder temperatures in the springtime. The weather begins to warm up to highs of 15°C in May, which is very pleasant without being too hot or uncomfortable.

If you want to enjoy warmer weather with lots of sunshine, head there in the summer. The best time to go to Bruges is between June and August, which has an average temperature of 18°C with highs of 21°C.

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