Avg weather in March
11 Hrs per day
50 mm per month
67 % avg
8 Mph avg

Bruges Weather in March

What’s the weather like in Bruges in March?

If you’re visiting Burges in March, you’ll need to pack warm layers to help stay warm in the cold weather. Although temperatures have increased slightly from previous months, it can still be very chilly in the town with plummeting temperatures at night.

Geographical influences

Bruges weather in March is influenced by its location in northwest Belgium. The country has a maritime climate, which means there isn’t much variation from season to season. March marks the beginning of spring but the town’s location on the coast means it’s in the path of easterly winds and low-pressure systems from the Atlantic also causes more strong winds to blow into the region. This can bring temperatures down throughout the day, so make sure you come prepared with coats, jeans, and jumpers.


The average temperature is around 6°C, which often increases to a slightly milder 9°C at peak times of the day. At night, things get very cold as temperatures fall to just 3°C. Rainfall has decreased since winter with an average rainfall of 50mm expected to spread over six days of the month. Sunshine hours have increased to a minimum of five per day. The surrounding sea temperature is just 7°C, which is too cold to enjoy a spring but the water will begin to warm up towards the end of spring.

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