Avg weather in December
8 Hrs per day
53 mm per month
81 % avg
7 Mph avg

Bruges Weather in December

What’s the weather like in Bruges in December?

December is one of the coldest months of the year and the possibility of heavy snowfall is quite high towards the end of the month. Cold winds and rainfall are also common, so make sure to pack plenty of warm clothes including a waterproof coat.

Geographical influences

Bruges is a town located on Belgium’s northern coast. Bruges weather in December is cold and wet with frequent windy days spread throughout the month. There’s little temperature variation in winter and it’s rare you’ll see much higher than 4°C on holiday. Snowfall is more likely in the hills on the east of Belgium, but you could still have a few light snow showers in December.


Temperatures are very low in December with a daily average of just 4°C. In the afternoon, temperatures often increase to 6°C but gradually drop to 1°C at night. The average monthly rainfall is 85mm, which means there’s a good chance it’ll rain during your stay. There are just two hours of guaranteed sunshine per day with an average sea temperature of 10°C.

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