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Located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam has a changeable climate throughout the year with mild temperatures in the summer and very cold winters.

The best time to visit Amsterdam is in the summer when the weather has warmed up enough that you might even catch a tan while you’re out in the city. Temperatures are around 17°C, which reach their peak in August.

The coldest time of the year is January, which has an average temperature of just 2.5°C. It also tends to be very wet in Amsterdam with 185 rainy days spread throughout the year.

If you like to swim and would like to enjoy the nearby seas, the best time to go to Amsterdam is between June and September. The average sea temperature is 18°C in August, which drops to 6°C in February.

Spring is another great time to visit the city. The weather is mild without being too warm, which is perfect for exploring the city. Temperatures are around 17°C in May, which is very pleasant and perfect for a relaxing city getaway.

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