Avg weather in January
8 Hrs per day
89 mm per month
85 % avg
15 Mph avg

Amsterdam Weather in January

What’s the weather like in Amsterdam in January?

Amsterdam is a beautiful city packed with rich heritage and strong links to its past in the Golden Age. Amsterdam weather in January isn’t perfect, it can be quite cold at times with chilly winds and a lot of cloud coverage.

Geographical influences

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has an oceanic climate that’s influenced by its location near the North Sea. Prevailing western winds bring temperatures down in winter, which means you’ll need to bring a warm jacket with wherever you go.


The average temperature in Amsterdam in January ranges from nightly lows of just 1°C to 5°C during the day. It’s not great weather for the beach, but it’s cool enough for an enjoyable day of sightseeing and visiting the famous Anne Frank Museum. January is the coldest time of the year and there isn’t as much sunshine as the summer. You can expect 69mm of rainfall across eight days of the month, along with freezing waters peaking at just 7°C. The sun sets around 5pm each day, which is quite early and it doesn’t rise again until 9am.

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