Avg weather in April
14 Hrs per day
44 mm per month
76 % avg
11 Mph avg

Amsterdam Weather in April

What’s the weather like in Amsterdam in April?

The weather warms up in April, giving Amsterdam a much more sunny and mild climate. It’s a great time of year to visit, especially if you want to enjoy your time away with comfortable temperatures and lots of sunshine.

Geographical influences

With its oceanic climate and proximity to the North Sea on the west, Amsterdam is susceptible to a number of opposing winds. You’ve got the westerly winds coming in from one side and sea breezes from the east, which helps to control humidity levels but can also bring temperatures down. Amsterdam weather in April is drier than previous months and although temperatures are slightly higher, you’ll still need to take a jacket with you to stay warm.


Night is the coldest time to be out exploring the city and you can expect temperatures to reach lows of 4°C. As midday approaches, the weather heats up to around 12°C, which is quite mild and enjoyable. Heavy rainfall is a distant memory and showers are a lot shorter and lighter. Overall, you can expect around 36mm spread over 12 wet days. There’s lots of sunshine in Amsterdam, with up to ten hours of sunlight per day.

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