Avg weather in August
14 Hrs per day
113 mm per month
78 % avg
9 Mph avg

Amsterdam Weather in August

What’s the weather like in Amsterdam in August?

Amsterdam weather in August is very warm and sunny with just a few showers scattered throughout the month. While the climate is very warm in the summer, it’s never too hot. This makes the city ideal for a summer holiday that you can really enjoy without feeling too tired because of the heat or humidity.

Geographical influences

If you love city breaks, Amsterdam is an excellent choice. It’s home to a huge range of historical buildings, museums, and shopping centres, giving you a wide variety of choice on how you can spend your days. The best part is that you’ll enjoy a beautiful climate throughout August with cooling winds coming in from the North Sea. The weather remains consistent and comfortable throughout August with very little temperature fluctuations from day to night.


The average temperature is around 21°C that can fall to 12°C in the evening. Strangely, winds coming in from continental Europe bring higher temperatures that increase to the high-twenties in the summer. These winds are usually very mild and enjoyable, helping to keep the summer weather warm and pleasant. There are 11 rainy days with an average rainfall of 54mm.

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