Avg weather in May
15 Hrs per day
92 mm per month
70 % avg
8 Mph avg

Bruges Weather in May

What’s the weather like in Bruges in May?

May is a pleasant time to visit Bruges as the weather begins to warm up significantly and you might even get away with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts on a good day. Bruges weather in May is mainly mild with cooler nights. Unfortunately, the sea is still too cold for swimming, so it’s best to stick with your hotel swimming pool if you’re craving time in the water.

Geographical influences

Located on the northern coast of Belgium, Bruges has a cold, maritime climate. The weather is influenced by Belgium’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, which carry winds to the town regularly. The coastal areas are breezier than inland, so make sure to take a jacket if you’re planning a day out on the beach.


Bruges weather in May is slightly milder than previous months with highs of 15°C and a daily average of 12°C. The overnight lows are around 8°C, which is quite cold but mild compared to the chilly winter nights. It rains on four days of the month, with an average rainfall of 59mm. The average sea temperature is 12°C, which is probably too cold for a swim. You’ll have seven hours of sunshine to enjoy per day and it continues to increase as the month progresses.

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