Avg weather in August
13 Hrs per day
4 mm per month
50 % avg
10 Mph avg

Athens Weather in August

What’s the weather like in Athens in August?

Along with June and July, August’s the best time to visit the ancient Greek capital if you want to enjoy hot temperatures and hours of sunshine. The Athens weather in August will see most days reach temperatures over 30°C, with barely a drop of rain.

Geographical influences

Located in the sunny south-east Attica region of Greece, close to the Aegean Sea, Athens is one of the hottest cities in Europe. The surrounding mountains and the city landscape help to keep heat in and Athens is usually a little warmer than other towns nearby. The water temperature’s the best all year and this keeps conditions on the land warm too.


The weather in Athens in August is very enjoyable, but watch out for the high heat, UV and humidity levels. The average daytime high temperature’s 33°C, with just a light breeze from the Aegean Sea. This may sometimes drop to around 21°C when occasional clouds appear. The average night time temperature’s 18°C. You’ll see plenty of sunshine during your trip to Athens in August, with an average of 11 hours from 14 hours of daylight. The sun doesn’t set until nearly 8.30pm for most of the month. You’ll love taking a dip in the warm waters, which will be about 26°C at this time. The average rainfall around Athens in August is 6mm, with just one or two days seeing any rain.

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