Troulos – Weather

The weather in Troulos is always mild and sunny with just a few showers scattered over the autumn and winter months. The town is located on the south coast of the island of Skiathos and loved for its golden beach and traditional Greek character. Summer is the warmest and most popular time to visit, with constant heat and sunshine throughout the season. Temperatures often reach highs of 28°C in July and August, making for perfect beach and sunbathing weather.

For a slightly cooler climate that isn’t overly hot or humid, travel between March and May. Temperatures in Troulos are usually in the low-20s before dropping to the mid-teens at night. It’s quiet in the village just before summer arrives, which is perfect for a peaceful stroll on the beach before the crowds arrive in summer.

Autumn weather in Troulos is enjoyable with higher temperatures towards the start of the season. You’ll still have plenty of daily sunshine to enjoy but you should pack a waterproof jacket as it can be quite rainy in November. Troulos weather in winter is cool at night with temperatures climbing to the low-teens during the day. There’s around nine hours of sunshine per day, which is still plenty of time to explore the village and take day trips to other resorts and towns on the island.

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