Minoan Palace Knossos Greece

The magnificent Palace of Knossos is Crete's grandest, must-see ancient attraction. This historical wonder is located just three kilometres outside of Malia and provides a unique opportunity to experience Greek mythology at its finest.

The palace was said to be an architectural marvel that covered an area of 20,000 square metres. Stroll around the well-preserved remains of the ground floor chambers and work your way through the glamorous staterooms where the Minos royalty once vacationed. Hear dark tales of the mythical underground labyrinth where King Minos of Crete once caged the monstrous Minotaur.

A trip to these archaic ruins is a fascinating day out and a welcome escape from the bustle of central Malia. However, we'd recommend a guided tour, which is available at an extra cost but provides a detailed insight into the history and myths of this remarkable discovery.

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