Malia - currency

The currency in Malia is the Euro, and you’ll find different places withdraw your holiday money near your resort. However, it often makes more sense to organise your funds before you go, so you’re ready to get on with enjoying all the fun and excitement Malia has to offer. Avoid changing money at the airport too, as you might find you get stung by high commission rates.

We know that you want to get as much out of your trip as you can and that you’ve worked hard to earn money to go on holiday. So we’ve made it easy to get organised and get the most out of every penny. You can order your Malia currency online, and either have it delivered (it’s free for orders over £500) or use our reserve and collect service in your local store. Euros are usually available on the day you order, so you’re sorted for any last-minute getaways, too.

There’s plenty of ATMs in Malia, and you’ll find it easy to withdraw cash if you need to. Talk to your bank before you go to find out what they charge for spending money abroad.

Whatever way you choose to take your money abroad, you’ll find our team in store, online, or at the end of the phone are happy to answer any questions you have about currency in Malia, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your holiday.