Çeşme is a stunning seaside town on the west coast of Turkey. The beautiful countryside, remote seafront and narrow winding streets all form part of its unique charm. Visitors from all over the world travel to Çeşme for the famous healing qualities of the thermal hot springs and therapeutic mud baths. The resort is perfect for a relaxing break away in this chic, tranquil setting.

Spectacular beaches

Çeşme is home to several stunning beaches situated along the beautiful coast and is lapped by the shallow, clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Recline on sunloungers and under parasols along the soft, golden sand and take in the picturesque views of the turquoise waters glistening in the sunshine. Water sports are a popular activity down by the beach and its shores have become a world class windsurfing spot as the nearby hot springs drive a warm breeze across the water.

History and culture

Çeşme was first colonised as a health resort due to the famous thermal springs that are said to have therapeutic healing qualities. Traditionally, Çeşme means fountain in Turkish. It was called this because the Ottoman navy used to anchor here to get fresh drinking water. The natural beauty of the green countryside gives the traditional town a unique charm and laid-back atmosphere. Çeşme is also ideally placed if you want to explore the archaeological sites of Aegean, some of which are ruins of buildings that were destroyed in the Great War of Independence in 1923.

Modern nightlife

Çeşme is an upmarket coastal town with a lively yet modest nightlife. The beach clubs are extremely popular, which host a range of day parties and transform into buzzing nightclubs in the evening. If you travel in August you may be around for the Çeşme Marina Wine Festival where you can indulge in various wines produced across the country and listen to an eclectic choice of music. As dusk falls, enjoy a delicious seafood meal amongst the stunning scenery along the harbour and by the beaches of Çeşme.