Çeşme beach and water sports

Çeşme is famous for its beautiful turquoise waters and soft sandy beaches. The sand shelves into the warm Aegean Sea, leaving many visitors describing the resort as heavenly. If you want to experience the stunning coast in a more exhilarating fashion, then take to the waves with one of the water sports available to you.

Choose from activities like windsurfing, paddle boarding, snorkelling, scuba diving and many more. There are several beaches nearby that are popular spots for relaxing in the warm, summer sun.

A popular cove is Ilica Beach, which has modern amenities and rows of sun loungers and parasols to relax under. The sea is near Çeşme's thermal springs so the water is the warmest in the area and is unbelievably clear and clean, meaning that Ilica Beach is perfect for swimming in.

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