Şifne mud baths & hot springs

For a spot of relaxation, travel five kilometres outside of Çeşme to bathe in the Şifne mud baths and hot springs. Just off the beach, the thermal hot springs are naturally heated and reach temperatures of around 58℃.

The different pools are said to have healing qualities due to their mineral make up. The therapeutic waters are good for easing plenty of problems including issues to do with a poor metabolism and skin conditions.

Not far north of the main town you'll find the Şifne mud baths. Spend a day here, bathing in the beautifying pools.

According to ancient Legends, Erythrai's king was hunting in the ifne area and witnessed a sick dog be cured from bathing in the thick mud. The king brought the mud home to his daughter who had wounds all over her body, after bathing in the mud the wounds healed, making the mud famous and renaming of the region.

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