Timanfaya National Park

Timanfaya National Park is Lanzarote's top attraction, so it has to be number one on your list of things to do in Lanzarote. This barren wasteland is sprinkled with volcanoes known as ”Fire Mountains'; it's the best remnants of volcanic activity on the whole island. Don't worry about the chance of an eruption, the last eruption was 1824 and it's been a national park since 1968. It's an incredible landscape that looks like it could be from another planet, so make sure you take your camera to capture the dramatic scenery. There are a number of ways you can explore this area; the most popular being by coach tour as you'll have a knowledgeable guide to show you around and demonstrate what the volcanic temperatures can do. Try the camel safari; it's a fun experience you won't forget. For an unusual dining experience, have lunch at the famous El Diablo restaurant. This restaurant has a special way of cooking its meat and fish; it barbecues the food on a cast iron grill that uses the geothermal heat that rises up from the dormant volcano. Also it's got some pretty fantastic views of the volcanoes.