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Because of official travel advice, we don’t have holidays to Spain at the moment, but there are plenty of other places to visit instead. SEARCH

Exchange Pounds for Euros

Just like the rest of Spain, Lanzarote currency is the Euro. It’s easy to exchange your pounds for Euros before you travel, and we offer the convenience of ordering online so you can have your Lanzarote currency delivered to your home (free for orders over £500). You also have the option of our handy click-and-collect service, so you can pop in to get your holiday spending money while you’re doing the rest of your travel shopping. If ordering online isn’t for you then you can give us a call or pop in to store.

Withdrawing Money in Lanzarote

If you prefer to access your currency in Lanzarote by card, then you’ll find ATMs are plentiful. Check your card provider doesn’t charge huge fees for transactions abroad, though, and we recommend using a bank ATM rather than those at other locations.