Los Hervideros in Las Palmas

If you enjoy looking at natural wonders then Los Hervideros, located slightly north of Playa Blanca, won't disappoint. While you're exploring the coast of Lanzarote by car or bike you shouldn't bypass this section of coast. Otherwise known as the 'Boiling Waters' this strange-looking landscape is a series of caves and blowholes formed by erosion and the solidification of lava.

What you'll see is the waves crashing into the caves producing huge mountains of white surf, which then gives the appearance of 'Boiling Waters'. You can look at this spectacle and take some stunning photos from one of the natural balconies that have been carved into the rock face. Take your time to walk around the winding footpaths on the cliff top and look into peepholes to see the water forcing itself into the labyrinth of caves.

The sound is quite loud as the force of the water rushing into the caves is very powerful. At times when the Atlantic Ocean is particularly turbulent, heavy swells are created, forcing seawater showers several metres into the air. It makes an almighty roaring noise but it's a spectacular sight to see.

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