Delos Island

Just half an hour's boat trip from Mykonos lies the tiny island of Delos. Measuring only 5km long, and 1.3km wide, what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in charm. It's most notable for being the birthplace of the Greek God Apollo.

Today, this island boasts World Heritage status, and if you love exploring ancient temples and old ruins then you've hit the jackpot with this island, as there's plenty of ancient history wherever you look. It's an outstanding place to get a feel for Greece's rich culture and past.  

Things to see and do on the Island of Delos

There are lots of interesting sites to explore and stunning scenery to soak in. Be sure to put all of these picks on your must-see list.

Terrace of the Lions

This spectacle is also known as the Avenue of the Lions. This work of art dates to the 7th century (BC). Here you'll find a row of five beautiful white marble lions sitting proudly in a crouched position. The site is magnificent, so it's no surprise that it's one of the most photographed attractions in Delos. You'll also get a brilliant view of the Sacred Lake. The positioning of these statues makes it look as though the lions are guarding what was once a magnificent pool of water.

Years ago, swans used to swim on this lake. However, since 1925 the lake's remained drained, but it's still a tranquil spot where you can sit and take in the view. It was here on the shores that Apollo was said to be born, which only adds to the importance of this mystical place.  

Sacred Precinct

This sanctuary boasts three beautiful temples of Apollo. Opposite these, Keraton proudly stands. This is a glorious Ionic temple dedicated to Apollo. It's a forest of columns built on granite foundations and is believed to be as old as the 7th century BC.  

Hall of the Bulls

The Hall of the Bulls was erected during the 4th century BC. It's believed this structure was designed to house a kind of ancient ship called a trireme. The long, narrow frame characterises this style of boat. The Hall of the Bulls measures roughly 67m long by 9m wide. It stands magnificently on a platform of granite.

You can explore the insides by climbing the marble steps that have been kept reasonably well preserved, considering how old they are. Once inside, you'll be able to get a good look at the interior. The columns inside have the heads of bulls carved into them, which is why this hall is so aptly named.

How to get to Delos from Mykonos

Travelling to the island of Delos from Mykonos Town is surprisingly easy; especially if you're visiting from April until late October. You can catch a ferry from the Old Harbour in Mykonos Town. There's also plenty of organised tours you can join. Or, if you're a keen sailor, you might fancy chartering a private boat and travelling there yourself. This is perfect if you want to travel privately to Delos Island, without being stuck to a schedule.    

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