Little Venice in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of Greece's most picturesque islands. Mykonos Town, its old town, is simply brimming with charm; think narrow lanes lined with whitewashed abodes and pristine beaches. One of the prettiest and most photographed parts of Mykonos Town is Little Venice. This is where you'll find rows of medieval fishing houses hanging over the water's edge. It's well worth a visit, and here are a few things you can get up to during your time here.

Soak up the atmosphere

Dating back to the 18th century, the beautiful fishing houses once belonged to ship captains and rich shipping merchants. As you might expect, the waterfront position gave them quick and easy access to the sea. The architecture is noticeably different from the whitewashed stone houses you find elsewhere in the town and around the island. The splashes of colour in the wooden doors, windows and balconies result from the heavy Venetian influence on the Aegean area throughout history. Hence the nickname ”Little Venice'.

Today, the azure Aegean Sea provides the most beautiful backdrop to this part of town. It's really no wonder that it's such a popular spot with painters and photographers.

Explore boutiques and galleries

If you're looking for a slice of relaxation, you'll want to make a beeline for Little Venice. Take a stroll around the maze-like streets and you'll find a suite of upscale boutiques, including the famous clothing shop Soho-Soho; their A-list clientele includes big names like Sarah Jessica Parker and Tom Hanks.

There's also an amazing concept store called Sotris. Plus, you can take a wander around the galleries, which include the illustrious Scala Gallery. If you haven't already seen Myknonos' famous white windmills during your stay, they're only a few steps away from here.

Watch the sun go down

Once the daytime crowds have cleared, it's the perfect time to take a wander down to the little beach and dip your toes in the water. This is one of the best spots to watch the orange and pink sunset, which is absolutely picture-perfect.

Or you could head for one of the bars and restaurants sitting right next to the water's edge. Scarpa Bar is one of the most popular spots to indulge in a tipple or two. It's a little pricey, but there's a wonderful ambience and the cocktails are top notch. Take our advice and go for a mojito or a cherry cocktail.

How to get there

It's really easy to find your way down to Little Venice; it's only a little way from the white Mykonos windmills. Just take a stroll down the main road in the direction of the seashore and you'll be there in a few minutes or so. Or, if you're not in a hurry and you want to take your time over things, go and get lost in the laneways of old Mykonos Town first. As long as you're heading in the direction of the sea, you'll be well on your way.

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