Matoyianni Street in Mykonos

Spend some time in the beating heart of Mykonos when you pay a visit to Matoyianni Street. Satisfy all your shopping needs while you wait for the bars and cafes to fill up as the evening sets in and the nightlife kicks off.

You'll find Matoyianni Street behind the harbour front. As you slowly walk along the stone street, stop off to browse the stalls lining the pavement. Keep your eye out for a new piece of jewellery, souvenirs to take back home, or some extra holiday clothes.

If you love designer shops, then you're in for a treat. As well as larger stores, tiny boutiques are littered across narrow alleys, where you can buy items like leather bags, handmade shoes and bespoke jewellery. Soho-Soho is one of the most popular designer stores, with a selection of upmarket clothing that appeals to Hollywood movie stars such as Tom Hanks and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Most of Matoyianni Street's shops and markets are open until around midnight over summer, so there's plenty of time to make your purchases. Don't spend all your holiday money shopping though, as you'll want to save some for a few drinks once the sun starts to set.

Come the evening, the bars fill up with both locals and holidaymakers, so join in and go for a few drinks in one of the lively nightspots. Whether you want to sip freshly made cocktails, cold local beers or Greek wine, there are plenty of options on offer.

If you're visiting Matoyianni Street during the day, you'll be close to the Rarity Gallery and Church of Paraportiani. Explore these two spots before heading to Elia Beach for a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

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