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Mykonos Currency

As it’s one of the Greek islands, the currency in Mykonos is the Euro.

While there are several banks and exchange offices on the island, you’ll find it handy to have some cash when you arrive for taxis, tips, and tipples. We’ve made it easy to get your Mykonos currency organised.

As an established holiday hotspot, Mykonos has plenty of ATMs, and using your regular bank card is straightforward. Before you go, though, we do advise that you check with your card provider to find out how much they charge for spending money overseas. These fees are often hidden and can add a significant cost to your holiday.

If you want to access your currency in Mykonos, our friendly team will answer any questions to make sure you choose the best option for funding your fabulous holiday, so you can get on with relaxing as soon as you step off the plane.