Things to do in Kalamata

Situated on the southern tip of Greece, in the sun-soaked Peloponnese region, the bustling seaside city of Kalamata is a hive of activity. Built on top of the ancient city of Pharai, culture lovers are well catered for here, and you can discover the region’s history over in the Old Town. Foodies will adore spending time in Greece’s culinary heart too; this is the land of olive oil, and you’ll be able to see lush groves throughout the area. When you’re ready to relax, you can go in search of a sandy beach and soak up the sunshine.

When it comes to Kalamata things to do, you’ll be spoiled for choice. So let’s take a look at a few of your options.

See historic sites

Kalamata Greece is situated in in the heart of an ancient region, so it won’t surprise you that exploring historic sites is one of the top things to do in Kalamata. You’ll find plenty of museum-lined streets here, and you can take a stroll around Old Town to get a feel for the place. Less than an hour away, you can discover 2,300- year-old ruins in Messeni, and it’s well worth the trip if you’re interested in the history of the region.

Eat and drink

Kalamata is a famous olive-growing area, so don’t forget to pick up some olive oil to take away with you. Head over to the stylish marina and the lively main street (Aristomenous) if you’d like to sample some authentic Greek cuisine. Seafood is always a good option; it’s fresh, tasty, and very moreish! If you’re looking for an on-the-go snack, it’s well worth looking out for the gyro stand in the central square; try the pita with roasted meat and creamy tzatziki sauce, i. It’s delicious!

Sunbathe on the beach

When it comes to Kalamata things to do, Kalamata’s waterfront is right at the top of the list of cool places to hang out. You’ll find a 4km Blue Flag stretch of golden sand, lined with bustling beach bars and inviting restaurants. If you want to try your hand at water sports, you’re in luck; why not book yourself in for a guided snorkelling tour or a PADI-approved scuba-diving course?

4. Check out the countryside

Stoupa has a beautiful countryside, so if you do fancy getting away for a while, you’ll be treated to the breathtaking natural beauty of a country that has been unspoiled by modern life.
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6. Kalamata Olives Greece

Come and taste Kalamata’s world-renowned olives. The Messinia region’s beautiful weather creates the ideal climate for growing fruit and vegetables, so you can get those tasty olives you know and love back home.
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8. Ancient Messene Greece

The archaeological site of Ancient Messene is around 30 kilometres from Kalamata, but it’s worth the drive because when you get there you’ll be rewarded with one of the best preserved sites in Greece.
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9. Explore the old city

The old city of Kalamata is a complete contrast to the modern city, full of traditionally Greek buildings with whitewashed walls and terracotta-topped roofs.
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10. Delve into history at the museums

Greeks are very proud of their history and love to share their stories and artefacts from throughout the years. Whether you’re a history buff or just like to know a little bit more about where you’re visiting.
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