Things to do in Tobago

If your ideal holiday is spending time on an idyllic stretch of white or golden sand then you’re in luck, Tobago has plenty of beaches where you could spend hours relaxing and soaking up the Caribbean sunshine including those in Charlotteville and Castara Bay.

There are some great opportunities for snorkelling and diving on the island, as the warm sea waters are so clear, you can easily see all the fascinating marine life and coral reef living underneath. One of the best ways to explore the waters is by a glass bottom boat, see the colourful Buccoo Reef before arriving at the ‘crazy-blue’ Nylon Pool.

1. Fort Bennett Tobago

Admire the sights of the remains of past and the beauty of the present at the site of Fort Bennett. It is located in Black Rock, overlooking Grafton Beach so you can expect some amazing sea views as well as the site of the historic fort.
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2. Castara Bay Tobago

In the quaint fishing village of Castara is a small beach known as Castara Bay. It is crescent shaped with soft, tan coloured sands, and its shoreline is dotted with fishing boats.
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3. Nylon Pool Tobago

The Nylon Pool is an offshore sandbar with still waters that form a natural swimming pool in the middle of the sea. It is shallow enough that you can stand comfortably with the waters reaching your waist.
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4. Buccoo Reef Tobago

Buccoo Reef is the largest coral reef in Tobago and it is also one of the most visited. After years of damage by tourists and locals, it was designated as a marine park in 1973
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5. Charlotteville Tobago

Charlotteville is a charming fishing village on the north-eastern tip of Tobago. Fishing is big business in this village as it contributes around 60% to Tobago’s overall fishing catch.
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