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The weather in Ozdere is typically Mediterranean with light rainfall and a warm climate all year round. If you prefer the heat, travel between May and October for temperatures that can reach highs of 33°C in August. The sun shines for eight hours in spring and peaks at 14 hours in summer, which is perfect for sunbathing on the beach and exploring the local attractions.

The average temperature in summer is 28°C with mild lows of 19°C at night. Humidity levels are low at just 48%, giving you pleasant conditions for relaxing on the beach without feeling too hot or balmy. Winds are gentle near the coast and often bring a soothing break from the summer heat. Sea temperatures are around 23°C, which is inviting and perfect for an afternoon dip.

Autumn brings slightly cooler temperatures in Ozdere. October enjoys highs of 22°C that gradually lowers to 17°C in November. There’s less sunlight than summer but you’ll still get at least six hours of pure sunshine per day and 11 hours of daylight. In the evening time, the weather is colder and a cool breeze blows in from the shore.

Temperatures drop to 12°C in winter with an increase in rainfall to 156mm per month. Sea temperatures lower to 16°C and you might wake up to a light frost in the morning from December to February. Ozdere weather warms up towards the end of March, which sees averages ranging from 9°C to 19°C.

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