Madrid oozes style, creativity and Spanish tradition. The vibrant city is the perfect destination for couples and groups who want to explore the area’s rich history of art, music and architecture. Visit the magnificent churches, picturesque gardens and cosmopolitan nightlife, as you’ll soon find that the modern city of Madrid is like no other.


Although the city is believed to be much older, Madrid can be traced back to the 9th century, when a small palace and fortress was built around the city near the Manzanares River. This was destroyed in battle and rebuilt several times but only small parts of the ancient walls can be seen today. Madrid was originally called home by the Iberian population and later taken over by the Romans. It first became the capital city of Spain in 1561 and is now famous for its dramatic architecture and its upbeat, modern atmosphere.


Madrid is in the ever evolving Spain, making the vibrant city rich in culture, art and architecture from decades of influences. The significant religious history of Madrid can be seen through dedicated Catholic references in traditional art, customs and magnificent churches around the city. Discover iconic, artistic sculptures and paintings in the city’s collection of art galleries, such as the El Prado and the Reina Sofia Museum.

Madrid has a spectacular landscape, from its melodically carved buildings, to its green, secret gardens where colourful flora thrives.

Vibrant nightlife

The vibrant city of Madrid has a fantastic array of nightlife so you’re bound to be entertained in the variety of venues across the city. Madrid’s laid back daytime rhythm is transformed and truly comes alive after dark. You may find that many shops, banks and restaurants will shut from 2-5pm to take part in the time honoured tradition of the siesta. This means that you can enjoy the extended Spanish evenings where people eat later and often dance till the sun comes up. Have a peaceful meal in a rustic, tapas bar or enjoy the contemporary atmosphere in one of the vibrant clubs. There’s plenty of nightlife in Madrid to suit all tastes.