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Cala d’Or is on the east coast of Majorca and has perfect holiday weather throughout the year. The Mediterranean climate warms up in June and reaches highs of 30°C by July and August. You can look forward to 11 hours of warm sunshine per day, giving you plenty of time to enjoy time on the beach. Sea temperatures are very mild in summer, averaging between 21°C and 25°C. You won’t have to carry an umbrella with you when you’re out sightseeing in summer as there’s just three rainy days per month.

The weather in Cala d’Or is mild and sunny in autumn with a daily average of 19°C in October. This drops to around 14°C in November, which is still mild and great for exploring the region. At night, the climate is much colder and temperatures often reach lows of 8°C. Rainfall picks up in autumn, so you’ll need to check the forecast as there’s around 13 wet days per month with six hours of sunshine a day.

The winter months are cold at night with chilly lows of 4°C in January but things get warmer during the daytime, with average highs of up to 16°C. If you want to avoid the cold weather in winter, arrive in spring. Temperatures in Cala d’Or are mild at around 17°C with highs of 23°C in May.

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