The picturesque island of Sardinia has a whole host of interesting activities to get involved with. Start your week by beautiful sandy coast then venture to the hills to explore the spectacularly diverse landscapes. Visit the medieval town of Alghero and try and uncover the mysteries of the Nuraghi towers. Sardinia’s beautiful scenery and rich heritage provides an abundance of things to keep you entertained.

1. Explore Sardinia's Nuraghi Towers

You won't be able to miss the Nuraghi of Sardinia, as you’ll find that over 7,000 circle shape structures located around the island. The stone tower structures were originally built using dry stone techniques
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2. Wine tasting in Sardinia

As well as being a stunning summer holiday destination, Sardinia is well known for its delicious wine. The wine produced on the island tastes a lot different to those produced in the rest of Italy.
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