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Weather and climate

Temperature: Low 30s (°C) by day all year round.

Best time to visit: Winter and spring if you want to avoid the wet seasons.

Banjul, Gambia has a very warm climate, with daytime temperatures normally exceeding 30°C all year round. The hottest period of the year is February to April, when it can often reach 35°C or higher, while the wet season from around June to October is very humid and sticky with warm nights. From December to February, the nights are much more pleasant, cooling down to around 16 to 17°C, so this is the best time of year to explore the destination. Rain is also rare from November to May, when humidity is much lower.

Weather in Banjul Beach

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Banjul Beach is best for...

Nature Lovers: Because of its wonderful natural scenery and exotic birds, this destination makes an ideal base for nature lovers.

Sun Seekers: For pristine white sands and plenty of tropical sunshine, Banjul Beach is the perfect escape for sun seekers.

Bargain Hunters: You can find a wide variety of local goods at the craft market or ‘bengdulalu’ shopping areas if you're looking for some souvenirs.

More about Banjul Beach

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Fast facts

Language: The languages spoken in Gambia are English, Mandinka and Wolof, among many others. English is actually the official language, which is taught in most schools and is used for official purposes

Currency: The currency used in Banjul Gambia is Dalasi (D)

Local time: Banjul Beach is the same time as GMT/UK time

Fly to: Banjul International Airport. Transfer time to Banjul Beach is about 50 minutes

Flight time from UK: The Banjul Beach flight time is 6–7 hours

Tourist Information: Further Gambia tourist information can be found at

Visa / Health: Before you travel, visit for recommendations and advice on visas and health for your holiday to The Gambia

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Getting around

By bus: Buses in this area come in all colours, shapes and sizes, and can be hired for groups and tours. They’re an excellent choice for bigger families travelling to Banjul and can be arranged from your hotel reception.

By taxi: Taxis can be found near your hotel, so look out for these green cars. They might be a little more expensive than other taxis, but they’re regulated for your safety so are well worth the extra cost during your holiday. Make sure to always agree a price with the driver before you set off.


Roots Homecoming: Every other May. This biannual festival in the town of Albreda brings descendants of Gambian families from all over the world to their ancestral home to discover their roots with music, shows and a celebration of all things uniquely African.

Bob Marley Day: This area celebrates national Bob Marley Day with a fantastic beach festival, but there are regular theme nights and beach parties throughout the spring, including an African King / Queen Banquet and a Masquerade Ball.