Terra Mitica

Enjoy the thrills of Terra Mitica, this fun-filled theme park is one of Europe’s most exciting theme parks and one of Benidorm’s main tourist attractions. Open from June-September, the park is divided into five zones: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands, each jam-packed with themed rides and attractions to suit all ages.

If you’re after an adrenaline-fuelled experience, you’ll need to head for Magnus Colossus, in Rome, and SynKope, in Greece. Magnus Colossus is Europe’s longest wooden rollercoaster, reaching speeds of over 100kph, complete with sharp bends and exhilarating drops. SynKope is the ultimate thrill, it’s a giant rotating wheel that will have you swinging on a 120° angle, at high speeds. If you like things a little less terrifying, there’s still plenty for you to enjoy from The Falls of Nile log flumes and the Argos’ water rapids to The Icarus flying chairs and the Infinnito revolving observation tower.

Younger children don’t need to feel left out because as well as their own one-of-a-kind rides, the park has constructed 15 kids’ rides that are replicas of the adult versions, just a lot less scary. With more than 30 main attractions, kids’ rides, playgrounds and daily live performances, Terra Mitica promises a great day out with all the family.