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With a warm Mediterranean climate, Sicily weather is always hot and sunny with mild temperatures lasting all year round. Summer is from June to September, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to highs of 26°C. Temperatures in Sicily peak in July and August, which makes those months perfect for a summer getaway. A swim in the sea is a must in the summer with an average water temperature of 25°C with highs of 27°C in August. The sea is great for when you need to cool down and you’ll also get to enjoy mild winds blowing into the shore that help to keep humidity levels comfortable.

For a slightly cooler climate, spring and autumn are suitable. Temperatures are in the high teens and low-20s, which is great for sightseeing and relaxing on the beach. There’s 12 hours of sunshine per day with less cloud cover than the winter months.

Autumn tends to be slightly wetter than spring with an average monthly rainfall of 79mm in November and December. Rainfall remains the same over winter and gradually decreases by the end of March. You can expect less than 35mm of rainfall per month between March and May, with clear blue skies and warm temperatures throughout the season.

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