1. Climb Monte Baldo

Towering above Malcesine is the mighty Monte Baldo mountain, standing at 1,760 metres between the River Adige and Lake Garda. With a variety of landscapes it’s a natural oasis for many different plants and animals.
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2. Explore pretty Cassone

Cassone is just over two miles from Malcesine but it makes for a peaceful walk or bike ride, as the views of the lake are beautiful. The town itself is really picturesque with a small harbour, stone tower, fishing boats, colourfully painted houses, little bridges and narrow canals.
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3. Visit ancient Castello Scaligero

Perched on a cliff edge beside Lake Garda you can’t fail to notice this striking castle, it’s the town’s landmark. No one is sure of how old the castle is exactly but details of modifications throughout its history have been documented.
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4. Swim in the bay of Val di Sogno

Visitors are attracted to this pretty cove to gaze at the lake views and encounter nature. It’s located a little way away from the roads so if you want peace and quiet you’ll definitely find it here.
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5. Trek with an Elalpaca

For those who love animals and doing something fun that is slightly out of the ordinary, Elalpaca trekking is perfect. How do you like the sound of taking an alpaca for a walk on the top of a mountain?
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You won’t be stuck for things to see and do in Malcesine, especially if you love the outdoors and with such spectacular scenery you will want to make the most of it. A visit to Monte Baldo provides you with the best vantage points of Lake Garda in all its glory. You could easily spend a few hours on this picturesque mountain. Get a taste of olden days by visiting Castello Scaligero. Explore one of the many walking trails or take the lakeside promenade to charming towns such as Cassone. Malcesine holidays suit anyone with an appreciation of breathtaking scenery and outdoor pursuits.