Kalamata Olives Greece

Come and taste Kalamata’s world-renowned olives. The Messinia region’s beautiful weather creates the ideal climate for growing fruit and vegetables, so you can get those tasty olives you know and love back home. You could make your way around the cafés and tavernas in the city and make the most of being in the region where these olives are made.

If you want to know what goes into growing and maintaining olives, then there are a number of olive mills that you can go and take a tour of. Just outside of Kalamata, in the rural village of Parapougki, is the Andelea Benakopoulos Olive Mill. This family-run mill offers a tour around the estate where you can go and see the centuries-old olive trees and if you’re interested in how the famous olive oil is made, then in the production months you can see the whole process from tree to bottle. You can even pick the olives off the trees to be put in a bottle of olive oil that you can take home.