Avg weather in March
12 Hrs per day
26 mm per month
70 % avg
10 Mph avg

Benidorm Weather in March

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What’s the weather like in Benidorm in March? Benidorm has quite typical Mediterranean weather due to its location on the southeast coast of Spain. Temperatures are rising after the mild winter as spring takes hold in March; if you plan your Benidorm holidays at this time you’ll get plenty of warm and sunny weather, away from the busier crowds of summer. Geographical influences Benidorm’s weather’s made even better by the mountains that surround the city, which protect it from winds and bring warmer and clearer conditions than other places in this part of Spain. The city has well over 300 sunny days each year, and the south-facing beach gets the most out of the spring sunshine hours. The Sahara Desert can sometimes send over dust storms in March, which are most likely when seasons are changing. Averages The usual high temperature in Benidorm during March is 18ºC, which gets quite chilly at night and drops to 7ºC. The sea temperature’s around 15ºC, while humidity’s low. Average rainfall’s 48mm over seven rainy days and you can expect 12 hours of daylight with seven hours of sunshine each day. UV levels will be moderate, while sunset’s just before 7pm at the start of March; this is closer to 8.30pm by the end of the month because daylight saving starts.

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