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With its location in North Africa, Morocco has a very hot climate with constant sunshine and high temperatures throughout the year. The country borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which influences the climate because of the Canary Current.

The Sahara Desert is in the south, which is very hot and dry all year round. The best time to visit Morocco is the winter and spring when temperatures are cooler and more enjoyable. The average temperature in January is around 20°C.

The warmest time of the year is in the summer when highs can reach up to 37°C. You have to be careful when you’re spending a lot of time in the sun because the UV rays are very high and can be quite dangerous. Wear high factor sun protection and stay out of the sun from 12pm to 3pm, which is the hottest part of the day.

The North Atlantic coastline tends to have slightly cooler temperatures than further south, where temperatures are very hot. The sea is warm for most of the year, which is great for swimming when you need a break from the heat.

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