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Dubai is renowned for its bold architecture and soaring skylines. Home to the iconic Palm Islands and the largest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s rich culture has made it a popular holiday destination for those who want to escape to luxury. The city has plenty of restaurants and bars as well as an indoor ski park, extravagant shopping malls and a great range of sports both in and out of the water. Not just a modern city, holidaymakers will be able to experience the city’s Bedouin heritage through their traditions of music, dance and storytelling.

There’re lots of different things for you to see and do in Dubai, now you just need to decide when to go.

If you’re in need of a sandy break in the sun, then traveling in autumn and winter will not disappoint. The weather averages at around 21°C and is hot enough to get a shimmering glow but cool enough to make the most of visiting all the sights. Relax by the beach, visit the aquariums or put on formal wear to dine in one of the many first class restaurants.

Dubai’s peak season is between February and April where the lovely, warm climate stays in the high 20s in the day and only dips slightly at night. This gives you the opportunity to explore the beach or enjoy the fantastic events happening around the city. To name a few, spring hosts tennis championships, outdoor concerts, prestigious horse racing and Dubai’s Desert Golf Classic.

If you’re in need of a quieter break in this buzzing resort, visit between June and September. As this is out of season, travelling will be considerably cheaper but the weather may be uncomfortable if you are not used to the scorching 40°C heat and humid climate.


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