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With a typical Mediterranean climate, the weather in Croatia includes warm and dry summers and cooler but still pleasant winters. There’s plenty to see and do here, with beautiful beaches, tons of history, and an abundance of nightlife options. Here’s our guide to making the most of the seasons in Croatia, with our exclusive weather guide.

With temperatures averaging the mid-20s and a minimum of 12 hours of sunshine a day,  Croatia weather in the summer is ideal for beachside lounging. If you love swimming in the sea you can enjoy a delightful dip in the warm, clear waters of the beaches of Split and Hvar. The temperature of the sea is a pleasant 24°C on a bright summer’s day. Although, high UV levels mean sunscreen is an absolute must if you’re spending time outside during the summer.

While spring and autumn are still warm in the coastal regions, inland weather in Croatia is a little chillier during these seasons. On an average spring day, you can expect at least six hours of sunshine, so it’s a good time to visit if you want to spend your afternoons exploring or lazing on the beach.

Autumn’s also a great time of the year to visit, but you are more likely to encounter occasional rainfall. October sees an average daily temperature of 18°C in the historic town of Dubrovnik.

Winters can get fairly chilly, with temperatures often reaching freezing or below in January. Don’t forget to pack plenty of warm layers if you’re visiting at this time, as it can get as cold as -3°C . Keep checking our weather in Croatia updates to find out when is the best time to travel. If you’re heading to the southern region of Croatia during the winter, expect light rainfall as well.

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