Avg weather in January
9 Hrs per day
108 mm per month
86 % avg
5 Mph avg

Croatia Weather in January

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What’s the weather like in Croatia in January? January is right in the middle of Croatia’s winter, so the weather’s very cold at this time of year with temperatures often reaching freezing or below. Although it’s not the rainiest month, January can still be quite wet so make sure you bring a light waterproof jacket as well as warm layers. Inland areas of Croatia are usually a few degrees colder than the coast, but southern regions are often wetter. Averages In the capital Zagreb, temperatures hover around freezing at this time of year with highs of just 3°C and lows of a chilly -3°C. With such cold weather, you’ll need to bring a thick winter coat, scarves, hats and gloves for your visit to inland Croatia. On the upside, Zagreb expects just 40mm of rain this month, so showers are short and light. On the coast in Dubrovnik, temperatures are slightly warmer with highs of 7°C and lows of 0°C, but much wetter with 140mm of rain expected in January.

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