Ancient City Of Ephesus Turkey

Less than 30 minutes’ drive from Kusadasi is the Ancient City of Ephesus in the small town of Selcuk. It was once a thriving city and an established commercial centre for the Mediterranean and holds significance in Turkish history, as not only was it an important trade port but it was also the centre of early Christianity. Nearby is The House of Virgin Mary, which dates back to the 4th century AD and is said to be where Mary spent her remaining days after the death of Jesus. Step into the small stone structure to be in awe of the spiritual church, tiny house and fountain that’s believed to have curative properties.

Wander around the spectacular archaeological site, which is arguably the best in the region, to see the hand crafted foundations, buildings and sculpted stone columns from the Hellenistic Age. Visit the remains of one of the Seven Wonders of the World; The Temple of Artemis, Hercules Gate and the religious Basilica of St John.