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Fuengirola weather is characterised by dry, hot summers and mild, damp winters. Its location in the south of Spain guarantees constant sunshine and high temperatures for most of the year with clear skies from May to September. The average temperature is around 24°C in July and August, which are the warmest and most popular months of the year. There’s a huge 14 hours of sunshine per day and temperatures rarely drop below 20°C until late September when the weather in Fuengirola begins to cool. The water is generally warm for most of the year, hitting its peak of 24°C in the summer.

Unpredictable weather arrives in autumn, which has an average temperature of 22°C in October and 18°C in November. Temperatures in Fuengirola fluctuate from day to night and the region often experiences lows of 10°C in November that drops to 6°C in winter.

If you prefer cooler weather, arrive between December and February. The climate is still mild, with temperatures reaching highs of 16°C. Low humidity levels and cool sea breezes contribute to the lower temperatures in January, which is the coldest month of the year. You’ll also need an umbrella for your winter visit because it can get quite wet at times. December has a monthly average rainfall of 98mm that gradually lowers to 75mm in February.

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