See the Blue and Emerald grottos

The Amalfi Coast could have been made for boat trips. Everywhere you look is stunningly beautiful but the Emerald and Blue grottos are something else. A trip into these sea caves is like visiting another world, so don’t miss your chance to see them. You’ll find the Emerald Grotto part-way to Positano, and it has the added bonus that you can get to it by a lift from the road as well as by boat. Inside, the water is a spectacular green, and you can see stalactites and stalagmites formed over centuries.

The Blue Grotto is better known. It’s over on Capri so it’s best seen as part of a boat trip to the island, but is definitely worth the effort even if you’ve already seen the Emerald Grotto. Its blue waters make the cave roof glow, especially in the early afternoon when the light is strongest.

If you like the idea of seeing more of the Amalfi Coast by boat, it’s a fantastic way to explore. Take a trip between Amalfi and the quiet little village of Praiano, for example, and you’ll be treated to some incredible views. Sights include more sea caves, hidden coves and beaches, medieval watchtowers and the Marina di Furore, the only fjord in Italy.