1. Day trip to Kololi village

Take a 10 minute drive to the picturesque, neighbouring village of Kololi to experience the countries traditional culture. The village has an array of bars and restaurants for you to enjoy both day and night,
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2. Visit the Senegambia Craft Market

Within walking distance, is the vibrant Senegambia Craft Market where you’ll be able to browse locally crafted souvenirs and trinkets. It was founded in the early 1980s and has over 60 craft stalls with street food nearby.
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3. Play Golf in Kotu

The warm and dry Gambian weather means that Kotu Beach is the ideal destination for a spot of golf. There’re several clubs within walking distance from Kotu’s main strip with two popular clubs less than a half an hour walk away.
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5. Take a Gambia River day cruise

Take a relaxing guided cruise along the River Gambia and take in the beautiful surroundings that are filled with birds, wildlife and mangroves. You could capture the top of a hippo lurking in the waters if you’re lucky, but even if you don’t, you’ll certainly have some wonderful shots to gaze over afterwards.
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8. Visit Brufut Woods Community Project

Nature lovers will feel at home in the tropical surroundings of the Brufut Woods Community Project. Working with the West African Bird Study Association the conservation area is a hive of activity for resident and migrant bird species.
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9. Explore Bijilo's National Park

Explore the rainforest nature reserve of Bijilo Forest Park, which can be found on a cliff side by the coast. The park is quite small covering 126 acres but is a hotspot for bird watchers and nature lovers.
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15. Shop at Banjul's Albert market

For an activity away from the beach, head inland to the iconic Albert Market where you can immerse yourself in The Gambia’s vibrant culture. Be apart of the hustle and bustle by visiting the capital’s main market to explore the maze of stalls and shops.
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From relaxing cruises along the Gambia River to bird spotting trips in the wetlands, there’s plenty to see and do in the Gambia. Discover mystical stone circles at Kerr Batch, experience the healing powers of Kachikally Crocodile Pool, or simply sit back with a good book as you relax on the lively beaches of Senegambia.