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Over 300 days of sunshine, the climate of Gibraltar is Mediterranean/Subtropical with mild winters and warm summers. There are two main prevailing winds, an easterly one known as the Levante coming from the Sahara in Africa which brings humid weather and warmer sea currents and the other as Poniente which is westerly and brings fresher air and colder sea.


Language: English is Gibraltar’s spoken language with many locals also speaking a local dialect called llanito a cross between Spanish and English

Currency: Gibraltar uses the Gibraltar Pound the equivalent of English Sterling. Some shops will accept Euros

Local Time: Gibraltar is one hour ahead of the UK

Fly to: Gibraltar International airport just 10 minutes into the town centre

Flight time: From London just over 2.5 hour


Gibraltar offers a full calendar of international events throughout the year, from the Calentita Food Festival in spring to the MTV Gibraltar Calling Music Festival to the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival.