Edinburgh is best for...

Cheap eats: Edinburgh is the perfect place to sample different cuisines without having to break the bank

Fine dining: At the other end of the scale, Edinburgh is blessed with many Michelin-starred restaurants

Hearty dishes: Head to the Old Town for rustic dining, cosy restaurants and traditional Scottish dishes

Fast facts:

Language: The language spoken in Edinburgh is English

Currency: The currency used in Edinburgh is the Pound

Local time: London's local time is the same as throughout the UK

Fly to: Edinburgh's main airport is Edinburgh Airport

One of Scotland’s most famous exports is of course Scotch, and there are plenty of whiskey bars that you can visit across Edinburgh. Take some advice from the professionals behind the bar and sip on a tipple that’s tailored for your palate.

There are also lots of restaurants that serve haggis, Scotland’s most iconic dish. A savoury pudding that’s made with minced sheep’s heart, liver and lung, along with oatmeal, onions and spices, it’s a must-try if you’re going to Edinburgh.

Another famous Scottish delicacy is the deep-fried Mars bar. As simple as it sounds, this guilty pleasure isn’t exactly healthy, but there’s a good chance your tastebuds won’t care much about that.