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Pre-holiday checklist

Check your destination’s entry requirements

Except the Canary Islands, all our winter holidays up till 22nd March 2021 are to quarantine-free destinations. But many places require a negative Covid-19 test on arrival, so make sure you check which countries require Covid-19 tests before booking.

Get Covid-19 insurance

We strongly suggest you consider taking out Covid-19 cover. This will protect you against: cancellations if you or someone you’re travelling with catches Covid-19; enhanced emergency medical cover; costs for one other person to stay with the customer, or to travel to the customer from the UK and accompany them home; travel costs to and from the hospital or other medical appointments.

Order your Caxton Currency Card and Clean Currency

Before you go, we recommend you get the Caxton Currency Card as many shops and restaurants only accept electronic payments. For smaller purchases, make sure you have some Clean Currency to hand. Processed and sealed in sterile conditions, all measures have been put in place to ensure our travel cash is virus-free.



Get insurance and travel money

Preparing to travel

72 hours before travelling: take a Covid-19 test 

Many destinations require a negative Covid-19 test to be taken 72 hours before travelling. This is a molecular test - usually a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. Some destinations offer airport testing, but you're typically required to quarantine in your hotel until you receive the results. Our page on how to get tested will tell you more about the process. 

24 hours before travelling: fill out a PLF form for your destination

Most destinations now require you to fill out a passenger locator form (sometimes referred to as a traveller registration form or flight pass). Countries typically ask these to be filled out between 24-48 hours before you arrive or depart. 

What to bring:

  • Passport (with at least 6 months validity to be on the safe side)
  • Check-in confirmation for outbound flight
  • Completed PLF form or QR code for arrival country
  • Depending on destination, a negative Covid-19 test
  • Face masks (a new one every 4 hours) 
  • Hand sanitizer (under 100ml)
  • Contactless card or travel money card 

Before returning home

  • Make sure you fill out a UK PLF form 24 hours before you return to the UK.
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