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Thomas Cook - Tunisia Incident

Greece and Eurozone

Sharon Wood Channel 5 News Interview

Egypt Incident

Cuba Tourist Tax Update

Egypt Daylight Time Changes

Turkey Visa Changes


Thomas Cook - Tunisia Incident

Latest Update: 30th June 2015  16:25

The health and safety of our customers is our absolute priority. Thomas Cook can confirm that we have brought back around 1,500 guests who wanted to leave Tunisia earlier than scheduled on four repatriation flights. One flight left on Monday 29th June and three over the weekend of Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June.  Including those who have returned to the UK on our regular scheduled flights, around 5,000 Thomas Cook UK guests have left Tunisia since the attack on Friday 26th June.

We are committed to doing everything we can to support our customers who want to depart, and will continue to closely monitor the situation. If there is further demand we will provide additional capacity to ensure all customers who would like to come back to the UK can do so safely and as soon as possible.

We can confirm that the reported hotels are not offered by Thomas Cook, and that none of our customers or staff were in residence at the time of the incident. However, we do currently have customers staying in other parts of the resort, and our experienced teams on the ground are continuing to offer every support to them and their families at this difficult time. Thomas Cook would like to extend its most sincere condolences to the family and friends of those affected.

Our customers' welfare remains our primary concern, and we are continuing to liaise closely with our overseas team and the FCO.

In light of the events in Tunisia on Friday 26th June, Thomas Cook is offering customers due to travel to Tunisia up to and including 12th July the opportunity to cancel or amend their holiday free of charge. For those travelling from 13th July onwards, we are offering to amend their bookings to Tunisia free of charge for holidays departing up to and including 31st October 2015. We have added capacity in four other popular summer holiday destinations including Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Turkey to respond to increased demand.

Dedicated Thomas Cook helpline: 01733 224 536

  • Customers who have any concerns regarding their friends or family currently in resort.

  • Any customers with future bookings to Tunisia who wish to amend or cancel their booking.

  • Please can you allow us to give priority to customers travelling in the next 14 days this weekend, however we will endeavour to assist all customers with their requests.

  • We have increased staff numbers in our contact centre to help deal with call volumes.

  • Customers can also visit their local Thomas Cook store which will be happy to assist with any queries or requests.

Travel agents: 0800 916 0699

  • A separate dedicated line for travel agent partners


Thomas Cook is continuing to monitor the situation, and will provide further updates as and when appropriate on this page. 

For the latest Tunisia travel advice, click here.

To read our Tunisia Customer FAQ's, click here.


Greece and Eurozone

Latest Update: 01st July 2015  09:46

Greece continues to be an important destination for Thomas Cook and great value for our holidaymakers. We are working with our in destination teams and hotels to closely monitor the impact of a potential Greece Exit from the Eurozone. Thomas Cook guests currently in Greece are experiencing no disruption to their holidays.

A Greek exit from the Eurozone would have little impact on the holidays customers have already booked with us as all pre-paid services are provided by Thomas Cook. We have existing contracts with hotels and airlines and we are comfortable that there is enough cash within destination to continue to provide the quality holidays our guests have booked and expect from us.

Banks across Greece will remain closed for at least the rest of this week, however so far there has been no limit imposed on the amount of cash that can be withdrawn by international credit and debit cards, or card transactions.

Thomas Cook guests travelling to Greece should continue to take Euros to cover the duration of their holiday. This should be in small denomination notes i.e. €5, €10, and €20's. When on day excursions, guests should take the amount of cash needed for the day and use hotel safety deposit boxes to store the rest securely.

We understand that taking a large amount of cash abroad can feel a little daunting, but as a valued Thomas Cook guest, if you decide to take cash with you then we offer free insurance for purchases over £400. Simply reserve your currency and receive your certificate of insurance when you collect your travel money in store.

Please visit the FCO website for the latest travel advice or visit our Greece customer Q&A page for more information.


Sharon Wood Channel 5 News Interview

Latest Update: 19th June 16:51

After tonight’s Channel 5 News interview with Sharon Wood, the mother of Robert and Christianne Shepherd, Thomas Cook confirms that the company is setting up a new Carbon Monoxide initiative. Following recent conversations with Mrs Wood and Mr Shepherd, Thomas Cook has committed to raise an initial £1 million to create a new initiative to promote awareness through research, awareness campaigns, the promotion of legislation and other initiatives within the tourism industry, aimed at reducing the risks associated with carbon monoxide.

The health, safety and welfare of our customers is the absolute priority for Thomas Cook, and through this new initiative, we will work with charity partners, research houses and leisure travel organisations to fund research into protection from carbon monoxide, limit the risks associated with carbon monoxide, and raise general awareness of the related dangers.

Mrs Wood and Mr Shepherd have agreed to support this initiative, and Mrs Wood will be taking an active role in promoting its objectives.

Speaking about the initiative Sharon Wood said,

“I have found Thomas Cook’s pro-active and respectful approach in setting up this initiative very refreshing. Working together is the best way to facilitate positive change and I embrace this opportunity wholeheartedly. I am very proud that Mr Fankhauser chooses not to forget what happened to Christi and Bobby and I look forward to being a part of the good work this initiative will do. My children lost their lives to Carbon Monoxide and a very public case highlighted their deaths, yet there are still hundreds of British CO victims every year . There is so much more that can be done to stop this 'Silent Killer’."


Egypt Incident

Latest Update: 10th June 16:49

Thomas Cook has been advised of an incident that occurred earlier this morning at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. Although Egyptian authorities have suggested that no tourists were involved, we have confirmation from our experienced team on the ground that none of our customers were affected by this, and that all are safe and well.

We will continue to monitor the situation, working closely with ABTA and the FCO and provide updates as appropriate.

Notes. As a precautionary measure, Thomas Cook will be cancelling all excursions to Luxor until further notice.


Cuba Departure Tax Changes

Latest Update: 1st May 2015 16:00

The Cuban government have announced that they will no longer collect customers departure tax locally and it is now the responsibility of the airline to collect this before departure from the UK. The charge of £17 / $25 per person will apply to all customers with a seat.

Customers travelling from the 1st May – 31st August 2015 will be asked to pay their departure tax at their UK airport.

Customers travelling after the 1st September 2015 will receive a letter confirming the new total cost including the Cuban departure tax.


Egypt - Flight Arrival Time Changes

Latest Update: 27th April 13:08

All Summer departure times in Egypt will be brought forward by 1 hour, as of Fri 24th April. This is 1 hour earlier then the time stated on your current documentation. New information will be sent out to all customers showing the new flying times of departure. 

We have also received notification that the terminal at Hurghada airport will change from Friday 24th April 2015. The new terminal for Thomas Cook Airlines flights will be Terminal 1.


Turkey Visa Changes

Latest Update: 19th January 08:47

A visa is required when visiting Turkey. This should be obtained in advance of travel from the official Turkish Government website   Cost is currently $20, apply at least one-week before departure.

For travel after 1st Jan 15 a visa must be obtained in advance of travel. Failure to comply with entry requirements will result in travel being denied/entry refused.