San Francisco

Avg weather in January
9 Hrs per day
77 mm per month
72 % avg
6 Mph avg

San Francisco Weather in January

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What’s the weather like in San Francisco in January?

January is a cool and wet month in San Francisco, with frequent downpours of rain often stretching over a few days. Although it’s quite cold, it does get slightly warmer over the course of the month. Whether you visit at the beginning or the end of January, make sure you take plenty of layers and a good raincoat. There’s changeable weather as you move between the city’s microclimates, which are created by the hilly terrain.


San Francisco has an average daily temperature of 10ºC during January, with average highs of 13ºC and lows of 7ºC. Occasionally there’s very warm or freezing weather, with a highest recorded temperature of 26ºC, and lowest recorded temperature of 0ºC. In January, rainfall measures around 119mm, with rain expected on an average of 11 days through the month. Each day has around seven hours of daylight, with sunset at 5pm on New Year’s Day.

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