San Francisco

Avg weather in July
14 Hrs per day
3 mm per month
82 % avg
8 Mph avg

San Francisco Weather in July

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What’s the weather like in San Francisco in July?

With lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, July is a popular month to spend time in the Californian city of San Francisco. With consistently good weather across the whole of July, San Francisco is usually very dry at this time of year, and although there’s sometimes fog across the Golden Gate Bridge, days are normally bright, clear and sunny.


In July, the average temperature in San Francisco reaches highs of 22°C and lows of 13°C. At this time of year, very little rain is expected so you won’t need to take a waterproof coat, but it’s worth bringing sun cream and a few warm layers. With 14 hours of daylight each day, there’s plenty of sunshine at this time of year, along with increasing sea temperatures, although they’re still a brisk 14°C. At the beginning of the month, the sun rises at around 5.50am and sets around 8.35pm.

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