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The Mediterranean climate in Marmaris means mild winters, warm during the spring and autumn and very hot in the summer. If you’re a bit of a sun worshipper, the best time to go is in July or August when temperatures hit an average of 28°C, but it has been known to creep up to 42°C before. If you’re visiting during this time, make sure you stay in the shade between noon and 3pm, as it’s not uncommon for people to get sun stroke which really would ruin your holiday. Make sure you’ve also got plenty of high factor sun cream and apply it regularly. If you like things a little cooler, you’ll still find lots of beautiful sunshine during May, June and September, when the temperature is generally around a balmy 24°C, with very little rain.

During the winter months of November to March it cools off a bit and you’ll need to wear a t-shirt or light jacket most days. These are also the wettest months with heavy rain and storms popping up every now again, but they generally don’t hang around for long. And for all you water baby’s out there, you’ll be pleased to know that due to the mountainous land which protects the coast, the sea temperature in Marmaris is comfortable all year round. You’ll find its warmest during August; a very nice 26°C and although it does start to cool off slightly, it’ll stay nice and warm until November. Find out more in our Marmaris destination guide.

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