Weather in Beldibi

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Beldibi is in the Antalya Province in Turkey. You can expect plenty of warm sunshine and high temperatures throughout the year when you travel to Beldibi on holiday.

The weather is usually very enjoyable and sunny for most of the year but the best time to go to Beldibi is the summer. You can look forward to an average temperature of 27°C with possible highs of 33°C in July and August.

The Taurus Mountains are located inland from the resort and give the region beneath additional shelter from winds and heavy rainfall. Colder winds are blocked from reaching Beldibi, which means you can expect pleasant weather and slightly warmer temperatures here than most of Turkey.

UV levels are quite high in the summer, especially in July and August when there’s up to 14 hours of sunshine and temperatures are very high. Make sure to wear sun cream and try to stay in the shade as much as you can from 12pm to 3pm. You should also carry some water with you to stay hydrated when the humidity reaches 64% and higher.

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